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They say...

'Pamela is dynamic and innovative. She is passionate about change and achieving success for the businesses she advises. She brings a wealth of experience to bear on issues and is a pleasure - and challenging - to work with.'

Ian Terry, Global CEO and Managing Partner Dispute Resolution at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, London, United Kingdom

'Pamela's great strengths are her energy and enthusiasm. She relates well to people and has great personal charm. When added to her experience and
commitment to high standards of service, these personal skills make for a very talented individual with an ability to succeed in any endeavour and market.'

Kathryn Roberts, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Auckland, New Zealand

'I had the privilege of working with Pamela as we set about the task of shifting the structure, focus and culture of a highly diverse, geographically dispersed organisation. With over 5,000 staff across the world, most of whom were technical experts in their respective fields, this was a project that required strong, intelligent leadership.
Pamela provided a level of energy, intellectual rigor and drive that I’ve never seen before or since. She questions and challenges, cajoles and encourages in equal measure. She brings experience across a wide variety of sectors and uses it to inform new conversations, new insights and real-world strategies to generate results.
As an agent for change or as an advisor to senior executive and board level stakeholders, she is outstanding. She offers frank and fearless advice where it is needed most – to those who typically receive it least in a corporate environment. No organisation could be the same after having her as part of its team and few would fail to gain enormously from her input.'

Mark Nicholas, Director, Azimuth Performance Management, Perth, WA, Australia (former Coffey Group employee)

'Pamela is one of those unique people - knowledgeable, a strong sense of values, always enthusiastic and full of inventive ideas on how to improves one's business or professional practice. A real passion for helping others and organisations grow and succeed.'

Sean Larkin, former Managing Partner Minter Ellison WA and Director, Edge International, NSW, Australia

'Pamela provided Partners with welcomed direction for change, in light of fast changing market conditions in Singapore at that time. These developments took the firm towards its long term goals and greatly improved both our focus and our effectiveness.  This is turn brought benefits to the firm and its partners.'

Phillip Pillai, Chairman, Shook Lin & Bok, Singapore

'Pamela is both engaging and articulate and a true professional in every sense of the word, from how she manages clients to the quality of her relationships with those she works with.  She has a clear outcome orientation, strong business skills and insights into organisations, and unfailing relationship building skills, making her a formidable and effective change agent and leader.'

Penny de Valk, CEO, Fairplace Cedar,  London, United Kingdom

'The project required the integration of two similar sized organisations, over a large geographical distance and at a very rapid pace. … Throughout the project, Pamela coached the team very effectively and interfaced well with senior management to bring key facts and issues to the table for discussion or resolution. Unlike 80% of acquisition exercises, this one succeeded in achieving all of its primary objectives. Pamela's pragmatic and insightful approach to the work, combining the tactical and the strategic, and ability to interact well with staff and management at all levels was a key factor in this.'

Neil Cantle, Director of Corporate Development, Winterthur Life (a Credit Suisse company) United Kingdom

'I was impressed by Pamela’s detailed attention to the strategic and commercial aspects of the business…she focused on defining clear strategy, strongly based on marketplace realities and a structured action plan for implementation…linking (these) to the business results and performance measures.  She demonstrated that she can motivate a team of people to work closely with her in delivering the strategy. I think one of Pamela’s greatest talents is a sustained focus on seeing a project through to its proper conclusions and providing active assistance in the design and implementation phase.'

Evelyn Bourke, Group CEO Bupa, London, United Kingdom

'Any organisation, from the small company to the large corporate, looking for guidance and leadership in dealing with the intricacies of strategy formulation,
culture change, paradigm shifts or people management could benefit from Pamela’s assistance. Her ability to lead and coach senior management to embrace new, more productive and enlightened management styles is almost magical, and she achieved the desired result without the usually lengthy and painful process such changes often involve.'

David Arlidge, Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, Cray Communications, Sydney, Australia

'Her performance was exemplary, her analysis succinct and her follow-up advice invaluable. Pamela has a keen analytical mind and ability to communicate effectively at any level.'

David Rishworth, Partner, Bell Gully Buddle Weir, Auckland, New Zealand

'Pamela helped us to formulate and implement strategies that made a difference. She learned quickly about the nuances of our industry and applied them to address the challenges we faced at that time.  The benefits of her expertise in 'knowledge based industries' was realised in improved focus, motivation and performance of our people. Her contribution to the change and ensuing success that we enjoyed cannot be overstated.'

Paul Dykzeul, Managing Director, Australian Consolidated Press, Sydney, Australia

'Pamela introduced to us, and coached us through our first several business plans…. She awakened in us, an appreciation of strategic management skills that we needed for the profitable future development and coached us in many aspects of leadership…. Pamela’s involvement is one of the reasons (our) unit is the best in the GAB Robins Group from the perspective of its quality of management, its relationships and stature within the insurance industry, and the stability of its senior management and top professionals.'

Brett Fawcett, President, International Markets, GAB Robins Group, Switzerland

'I hired Pamela to review our company and help us formulate a new strategy to take us forward. Her broad experience was evidenced by her quick grasp of our business operations and issues. I asked her to return to the US four years later to investigate the ‘stress fractures’ that had arisen due to the growth of the previous few years.  She provided me again with solutions that fit our problems and allowed us to move forward with sure footing.'

Sara Katz, President, Katz & Associates, San Diego, California, USA