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Pamela Young - CV

Globally experienced executive, NZ-Asia business enthusiast, thought-leader, business developer, change agent, culture specialist, author and guest lecturer

Pamela works in organisations that seek to adapt and grow to be more effective in the 21st Century. As a business leader she is constantly anticipating and responding to the increasing pace of change; aligning organisations and people to their environments and client’s needs; and at the same time developing global corporate citizenship and inspiring multicultural workforce's to achieve goals collaboratively.

Pamela believes in ‘one-culture, one-team’ and aims to get everyone to the finish line together. She has managed highly complex, big-budget project across many industries and nations with visible precision and can be relied upon to deliver more than you ask for.

Career Highlights

Global Experience:
New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia, United Kingdom, Continental Europe (12 nations), USA

Recognised Skills:

Building connections – Opening doors, getting access to key people, relationship management
Conveying vision and future possibilities – Conceptualising and selling ideas, dreams, services and IP
Formulating strategy – Defining clear pathways to delivering outcomes to stakeholders
Leading and inspiring people – Encouraging all teams to travel together in one direction 
Operationalising strategies – Ensuring day-to-day operational efficiency and excellence 
Aligning culture to business goals – Illicit behaviours needed for greatest performance
Innovating and creating – Finding new ways/solutions, refreshing brands, partnering with others
Negotiating and lobbying – Articulating and advocating possibilities for change, making deals
Managing complexity and scale – Driving change across many business units, countries, and cultures Stakeholder engagement – Managing 360-degree connections and relationships of significance 
Delivering deadlines and budgets – Focus on delivering outcomes, programs and promises

Experience & Knowledge:
Doing business globally, regionally and locally – being effective across cultures
Finding growth strategy ‘fit for purpose’ – removing hurdles, executing with confidence 
Ensuring functional and operational performance  – financial, IT, HR/people, legal, facilities, risk
Leading business transformation – designing and managing change programs and communications
Merger integration – effectively managing 2-way and 3-way global merger integrations
Engaging, motivating and inspiring people – aligning people and culture to be their best selves 
Cross-cultural leadership – effectively working with multi-cultural teams and across borders
Diversity – leading the way in cultural, gender and age diversity, see Stepping Up
Delivering outcomes – top line, bottom line, M&A synergies, transformational goals, projects

Leadership style:
Bold, brave, committed, passionate, visionary, inspiring, collaborative, demonstrative, participative, challenging, empathetic, intelligent, driving, energising, focused, coaching - (ENTJ/P)

Asia-Pacific Business:
Pamela has championed growth of New Zealand and Australian businesses across the Asia region for over 25 years. She is passionate about getting business leaders to ‘think global’ by adopting new technologies and embracing cultural diversity to boost trade, tourism, investment and talent. She believes when people from different cultures feel understood, more effective business is transacted.

Key Sectors:
Financial, professional, commercial, government and other service industries including health, education, councils, legal, accounting, engineering, communications, technology, environmental, banking, insurance, real estate, advertising/PR, technology...

Guest Lecturer:
University of Sydney Business School: Master of International Business

Leadership Coach:
Pamela has designed and delivered leadership development programs worldwide and has coached CEO’s, executives and line managers as a C-suite peer and external consultant/coach

Addressing worldwide public and private conferences and events since 1988 including audiences in NZ, Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, USA and the UK. Writes for publications: magazines and papers

Pamela is a regular contributor to business news: radio and television programs

BCom, University of Auckland, 1984, Strategy, Management & Marketing
MCom, University of Auckland, 1988, Strategy & Organisational Change
Master’s Thesis: ‘How does culture impact the bottom line in professional service firms?’ 
(A study of Russell McVeagh, PriceWaterhouse and Beca Carter)
Finance for non-Financial Directors, Institute of Directors, UK, 2002

Author - Stepping Up: Lead Culture Change for Diversity and Growth in the Asian Century 
Stepping Up is a leadership book about how to drive culture change to boost diversity and productivity, stimulate growth and develop 21st century leadership capability. It addresses the challenges facing Western nations and outlines how to up-skill teams to access opportunities in Asia’s  high growth and emerging markets. Pamela interviewed 100 senior and highly recognised leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries across Australia and Asia. 
You can read Chapter One free and visit the book’s website

Career Summary

Managing Director, growthcurv Pty. Ltd, New Zealand and Australia: 2014 to present
o Using the rich content obtain from the previous two years of research, engagement and speaking across the Asia-Pacific region, Pamela developed a range of consulting offers and leadership development programs to help build global capability, align local business to serve global stakeholders, and increase operational efficiency of New Zealand and Australian businesses to be more effective in the Asian Century. As a recognised Thought Leader she was invited to participate in a number of radio and TV interviews – see media interviews 

o Advising ‘down-under’ businesses how to be more effective locally and offshore:
Identify and remove obstacles to growth  / build strategies to renew growth / align organisation, people and culture to meet market changes and business goals / improve operational efficiency and develop leadership to boost / performance / lead innovation and new venture projects / build Asia-Pacific capability to support local business to grow across the region / tap into offshore/Asia-Pacific opportunities / modify culture to boost productivity 

o Key Project involving Strategy, Operations and People solutions included:
Global strategy and operations review for mining manufacturer struggling to produce and deliver Australian product on time to overseas buyers (sub-cultures were undermining the performance of the supply chain in Australia, which caused delivery delays to the rest of the world, requiring operational and culture change, and a new approach to managing people)
Review of strategy, operations, leadership and culture to build a 3-year plan to drive operational improvements of a Not-for-Profit healthcare organisation (work with top team in New Zealand to restructure the organisation then implement a strategic response to major sector funding changes requiring providers to supply ‘for-profit’ services in future)
Market assessment and organisational review for national Australian public housing association (specify operational improvements required to better align organisation and people to meet future client needs, build Executive Leadership Programs to support top team development to drive changes required)
Developing diversity strategy for Asia-Pacific region of a global professional services firm frustrated with lack of progress at addressing gender balance in leadership (identified professional, HR and financial systemic impediments and behavioural issues to the change needed; developed programs to remove blockages and encourage faster adoption)
Market assessment and qualitative research of Singapore stakeholders of Australian-based national financial services industry association (identifying reputation and branding issues, evaluating future demand, recommending service delivery changes to improve membership loyalty)

o Key Leadership Development Programs included:
Executive Development Workshops for global accounting network of 150 firms from around the world at their Annual Conference in Mauritius – workshops included: ‘Doing Business in Asia’ and ‘Developing leadership Diversity’ 
Developing Global Leaders in conjunction with the University of Sydney: to build capability to better manage immigrants – see ‘Going Global or Accessing Asia?
SE Asia Leadership Tour sharing research findings and promote how to remove bamboo and glass ceilings to boost workplace productivity, operational efficient and business performance, sponsored by ANZ, Telstra, Qantas and others - see SE Asia Tour Highlights

Author: Stepping Up: Lead Culture Change for Diversity and Growth in the Asian Century – 2011 – 2013

o A period of Thought-Leadership: Pamela took sabbatical to apply her broad global experience to help Western business leaders overcome growth hurdles when expanding into Asia (such as: how to build cross-cultural management capability; how to better prepare Western leaders to be more effective when doing business in Asian nations; how to better utilise all the talent in our multicultural workforce and communities; and how to address cultural and gender diversity challenges)
o Researching 100 leaders from 26 industries and 16 cities across Australia and Asia and publishing the findings in Stepping Up along with frameworks for how to boost productivity and growth of nations, cities and industries by allowing both genders and all cultures to fully participate socially and economically

Group Director of Transformation (GDT), Coffey International Group, Australia-based: Jan 2008 – Jan 2010 
An ASX-listed engineering firm comprising 9 businesses with 9 brands, 4500 staff across 80 countries, and Group Turnover of $760m. Pamela was the company’s inaugural Director of Transformation.
o Led Strategic Planning Process for the Group with top 15 executives over 6 months; then led the next 120 leaders through a process of understanding and engagement; then formulated the Global Transformation Strategy. Pamela had dual responsibility (a matrix structure) for 5 operational leaders (finance, IT, HR, marketing and corporate office) and 9 business unit CEO’s – all required to apply 50% of individual time to the Transformation while also delivering Business-As-Usual
o Designed and led Global Transformation Program (Business Strategy Implementation): creating vision and big change ideas; managing large-scale operational efficiency programs, including:
Developing One Global Go-To-Market Brand; sharing IP across clients and nations; introducing Group-wide client account management; developing seamless client servicing and pricing; improving client satisfaction and loyalty
Building One-Culture by align values and behaviours across the Group, reducing the legacy impact of 9 subcultures; eradicating silo behaviour and increasing quality and effectiveness of combined service offerings
Improving leadership and management capability and aligning strategic and operational planning and reporting systems to meet greater demands of the increased scale and complexity of the rapidly growing  business (there were 33 acquisitions in the previous 5 years leaving significant post-merger inefficiencies and duplication in cost centres across the Group that needed rationalisation) 
Renewing the People Development and Performance Agenda to better motivate, utilise and reward the broad skills and talents across the Group; identify and fast-track leaders at all levels; align the selection-deployment-management-and-reward of employees across all 80 countries to meet future business and client needs
Improving operational efficiency, financial performance and reducing risk by working with heads of IT, finance, risk, legal, procurement, insurance, asset management to identify issues, set targets, and initiate improvement programs 
o Establishment of Project Management Office to lead 7 company-wide Transformation Programs across 80 countries. The project office was resourced with project management, change management and communications staff.

Founder and Managing Director, Cording Young, Australia and UK, 2004 – 2007

After a short maternity break, Pamela returned to working with organisations on a flexible part-time basis. Her work included: organisational reviews, growth strategies, M&A integration, transformational change, culture change and leadership coaching. Clients included: 

o Growth Strategy for Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer’s Board and Executive Team (Top-10 law firm) 
o Stakeholder Research and Engagement Strategy for Nascent Group (Top 10 UK insurer)
o Growth Strategy and Organisation Design for Icoda Communications (Technology Start Up)
o Organisation Review of Gatwick Airport Services (Transport Services Operator) 
o Merger Integration for Barclays Bank’s acquisition of Gerrard Wealth Management (Banking)

Principal, Organisation Strategy & Change, and Director of Strategy and Sales, Towers Perrin 
United Kingdom & Europe, Jan 2000 – Jan 2002 (left for maternity break)
Pamela managed and led the OS&C division comprising 55 consultants, 25 support staff. She built relationships with CEOs of global banks, insurers and other financial services. She sold, designed and delivered large scale, big budget projects (BP250k – BP1m) to major global institutions:
o Deliver Strategy Execution, Change Management & Communications for Barclays Bank Board and CEO
o Lead Transformational Change for Lloyds Bank Group CEO & C-suite
o Lead 3-Way Global Merger Integration for Zurich Financial Services Board and CEO
o Lead 2-Way Global Merger Integration for Credit Suisse’s merger of Winterthur (UK) and Colonial (AU)
o Lead Stakeholder Engagement and Change Management for Prudential Bache Europe
o Assess Firm Culture and Partner Performance for KPMG UK Board
o Assess Strategic Performance of a Towers Perrin subsidiary TP Tillinghast’s European firm – Pamela was selected with one other Partner to review the subsidiaries performance. The pair examined 12 European nations and recommend strategic and operational changes to the European Board. The outcomes of this assignment received global recognition as improvements and growth were realised.

Executive Director, Shook Lin & Bok, Singapore, July 1996 – July 1999
Pamela joined Shook Lin & Bok (a top-4 Singapore law firm) as its inaugural Executive Director and was responsible for the performance of all 200 partners, lawyers and support staff and delivery of SG$30m in revenue. She was also asked to ‘Westernise and corporatise’ the business to secure its position in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. She worked with the Board of partners to identify growth priorities and hired, coached and managed the inaugural team of functional managers including IT, human resources, finance, marketing and operations.

In her first year she collected over SG$10m of aged debt; redesigned lawyer time-recording, client billing, debt collection and financial reporting processes and systems to improve business cash-flow and profit; undertook a complete review of file and records management to improve service quality and reduce overhead costs; supported partners to obtain new clients; and develop partner coaching, succession planning and evaluation systems. These operational improvements were undertaken while transforming the culture to help local partners and staff offer more relevant and competitive services to British, European and American clients. 

Founder and Managing Director, Cording Young Asia-Pacific Pty. Ltd, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, 1986 – 1996
Pamela established one of the first independent management consultants in New Zealand in the 1990s. Cording Young was initially a strategy, management and marketing consultancy to serve the professional and commercial services in NZ, Australia and SE Asia. Later she expanded the services to include leadership and change management. Pamela carved out a niche market, identified new clients, created service offers of value, sold and delivered ideas and projects including: 
o Strategy Review and Management Development for Auckland City Council, Planning Division
o Stakeholder Research and Engagement for Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research
o Market Assessment and Stakeholder Management for Ministry of Health
o Market Assessment and Stakeholder Management for Ministry of Education
o Strategy, Organisation Review, Change Management and Partner Coaching for Chapman Tripp
o Market Strategy, Business Development, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement for Russell McVeagh
o Market Research and Stakeholder Engagement for Bell Gully 
o Post-merger Integration and Culture Change for BAG Robins, followed by Preparation for Sale to Swiss group SGS
o Strategy and Organisational Development for Sun Alliance
o Strategy Review and Alignment of Organisation to goals for Case Communications
o Strategy and Leadership Development  for ACP Magazines
o Executive Development using Business Simulations for Fletcher Challenge
o Strategy and Service Review for KPMG New Zealand
o Strategy Review and Business Planning for Mercy Radiology
o Organisation Review and Operational Improvement for Diocesan School for Girls

PriceWaterhouse, National Strategy and Marketing Manager, New Zealand, 1986 – 1988
Pamela set-up the first ever National Strategy & Marketing Manager role at PriceWaterhouse. She was responsible for all marketing strategy, working with Partners to rebrand services lines,  packing and selling services, presenting to clients, training Partners to pitch for business, branding and PR communications for the firm and Partners


“Pamela is dynamic and innovative. She is passionate about change and achieving success for the businesses she works with. She brings a wealth of experience to bear on issues and is a pleasure - and challenging - to work with.”

         Ian Terry, Global CEO Partner, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, United Kingdom 

“Pamela's great strengths are her energy and enthusiasm. She relates well to people and has great personal charm. When added to her experience and commitment to high standards of service, these personal skills make for a very talented individual with an ability to succeed in any endeavour and market.”
Kathryn Roberts, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New Zealand 

“Pamela questions and challenges, cajoles and encourages in equal measure. She brings experience across a wide variety of sectors and uses it to inform new conversations, new insights and real-world strategies to generate results. As an agent for change or as an advisor to senior executive and board level stakeholders, she is outstanding. She offers frank and fearless advice where it is needed most – to those who typically receive it least in a corporate environment. No organisation could be the same after having her as part of its team and few would fail to gain enormously from her input.”
Mark Nicholas, Director, Azimuth Performance Management, Perth, WA, Australia (former Coffey Geotechnics GM reporting to Pamela)

“I was impressed by Pamela’s detailed attention to the strategic and commercial aspects of the business…she focused on defining clear strategy, strongly based on marketplace realities and a structured action plan for implementation…linking (these) to the business results and performance measures. She demonstrated that she can motivate a team of people to work closely with her in delivering the strategy. I think one of Pamela’s greatest talents is a sustained focus on seeing a project through to its proper conclusions and providing active assistance in the design and implementation phase.”
Evelyn Bourke, Group CEO Bupa, London, United Kingdom (former colleague from Towers Perrin)

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