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Strategy for the new decade

Pamela Young - Friday, March 19, 2010
Generally when we review strategy, most people look 3 years ahead.  The beginning of a new decade is a great time to inspire people to look further out.  

Review the past decade
By reviewing the past decade and the extent of the changes that have occured - the surprises and the impact of those surprises, the strategies you applied and the success of those strategies - you begin to gain an appreciation for how to plan ahead, the need for an more agile company, and one that has change capability, systems ready to go, people with change experience and a culture non-resistent to change.

Plan the next decade

A review of the years between 2000 and 2010 reminds us of the pace of technological development and how this has changed our lives at work and at home.  Ask yourselves to what degree have you been ahead of the curve...or behind.  Have you managed to keep up with technology, have you used it to improve your productivity and profits or the quality and timing of service to clients?

Could you have done more if you had planned better?
Use the lessons of the past decade to project what you need to do in the next decade.  Use 2010 to stimulate growth.  Take advantage of 2010 being the first year in the new decade to stimulate creative thinking and prepare your organisation internally for the inevitable changes ahead.

growthcurv provides a complimentary lunchtime seminar called 'Planning for the New Decade'.  Send us a message to see if you qualify.

Have a great day!

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