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Knowing when to step aside

Pamela Young - Monday, November 15, 2010
How do you know when your most effective period in a leadership role is over?

Too frequently the people at the healm rest on their laurels - floating on the bubble of a previously successful period  - not knowing when to step aside to let the younger generation of leaders take over.

External advisers and personal coaches can help here - but only if you give them permission to let you know when time has come.  You can also design feedback and evaluation tools to highlight when you have past the crest of the hill.

Human are hard-wired to survive and to ward off any threat to their own existance.  This insinct to fight for what you believe is yours, can stand in the way of knowing when it is time to hand over.

Planning your later career and contribution to the world around you, allows you to use your corporate leadership skills in society.  

Talk with us about building a late-career plan to lead change in society to improve the environment for us all. Talk to us on +612 9909 2506
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