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Hope on the horizon - McKinsey says maybe

Pamela Young - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new survey from McKinsey released March 2013 says the executives are feeling a little more positive about the economic prospects ahead...although there are underlying concerns still!

Low consumer demand (many people have been burned and are not ready to trust the system)...and political unrest (our leaders are still fighting amongst themselves looking for a fall-guy) are said to be the main concerns going forward. Read the McKinsey article - here

What does that mean for leaders and managers who want to get on with their 'cup is overflowing' attitude to work? Do they proceed and risk getting burned again, or do they sharpen their pencils and get on with the challenge? 

Sharpen the pencils, I say! 

Every business challenge is an opportunity to clean up our act and find a new and better way to do things smarter and wiser. There are always survivors in any turmoil, you just need to believe that you are one of them. Remaining competitive is the number 1 priority of any business leader. You can do it if you focus on your customers and work at being one step ahead of them - not behind them! 

As Steve Jobs, Founder and former Chairman of Apple used to say, if you ask your customers what they need, they are very unlikely to be able to tell you; you need to tell them what they need. Which customers would ever have been able to conceive of, let alone describe, the iPad or iPhone Apps back in the 1990s? 

If you know your market and understand how your customers and clients behave, you are in a better position to secure your future than you think.  But let me add - hope is not a method! As someone famous once need to 'act' differently to get a different outcome. So sharpen your pencil, quieten any negative inner voices that seek to disarm you and focus on getting ahead of your buyers.

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