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Leading change

Do you want change, embrace change, love change?

Or do your people fear change, fail at change, and say forget change?

We make choices about how we respond to challenges in life?  Our choice impacts the outcome.

To drive change in your business; to realise growth targets and move up your company's life-cycle curve, you need to lead at all levels.  Overcoming objections and fears is important.  Generating confidence in strategies and tactics is critical.  Inspiring and motivating employees essential.

Change guru John Kotter wrote a fable about change in an Emperor Penguin colony which has very important lessons we can all learn from.

Listen to Kotter outline the fable here:

Organisations change and people grow - or they don't. 

Planning and implementing change successfully across your local, regional or global business is completely possible.  Let us show you how.  At growthcurv we help you to involve everyone, upskill many, and show a few how to lead the way. 

We support all kinds of change:

  • Strategy roll-out and implementation
  • Post M&A integration
  • Organisation redesign and restructuring
  • Culture change and cross-culture assimilation
  • Divestment or right-sizing...and more

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"Their performance was exemplary, the analysis succinct and follow up advice invaluable"
David Rishworth, Partner
Bell Gully Buddle Weir, New Zealand

"Pamela's involvement is one of the reasons our unit is the best in GAB from the perspective of its quality management, its relationships and stature, and the stability of its senior management and top professionals"
Brett Fawcett, International Markets
GAB Robins Group, Switzerland


Discovering the leader in you is an important first step to driving strategy or leading change.
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Organisations and people change daily, some for better, others for worse.
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