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Global solutions for Australian and New Zealand companies going offshore

Growth through strategy - building global networks; developing Asia capability; Asia-Pacific M&A's; adopting AI, VR and IoT technologies

Growth through leadership - being a 21st Century thought-leader; leading 'global citizens'; inspiring cross-cultural follow-ship

Growth through transformation - aligning global and local organisations and cultures to strategy; transforming local cultures to fit global markets

Growth through diversity - utilising all available resources; being brave; listening and learning; overcoming fear of difference

Pamela Young, Managing Director, growthcurv, speaking at various international conferences

Doing business in New Zealand?  Doing business in Australia?

Supporting Foreign Direct Investment in New Zealand and Australia - need help identifying business opportunities and partners? 

Cross-cultural management coaching - receive support in understanding the ways of doing business in New Zealand and Australia

Merger integration - minimise investment risk by getting expert help to align cultures of your foreign business and local acquired companies

Branding, marketing and networking - get local help to reach quality and reliable clients, customers, suppliers and providers to your new business down-uner

Asia-Pacific Regional Development

See: Road Shows, Going-Global-Or-Accessing Asia Training,
How cultural diversity can help build Asia capability

growthcurv supports business growth and expansion across the Asia-Pacific region. We advise companies to develop strategies and capabilities to support inbound and outbound investment activity. 

Managing Director, Pamela Young has worked extensively across the region and provides local leaders with cross-cultural management and sales support. She has advised clients on global M&A activity and led major post-merger integration programs spanning many corners of the world. 

growthcurv launches Global Trade Innovations 2017

Helping to level the distribution of wealth in the world

Global Trade Innovations is a new venture formed to facilitate regional and global trade. It is focussed on supporting growth strategy implementation and cross-border business. If expansion into new markets is part of your growth strategy, we have a technology solution for you.

Our platform will help you to do business in your chosen market, faster and cheaper than before. We apply our experience in global business, cross-border trade and cross-cultural management to help you develop capability and confidence to take advantage of offshore opportunities. 

A book for 21st Century Leaders 

Stepping Up: Lead culture change for diversity and growth in the Asian century

100 leaders were interviewed for Stepping Up. See the list and their bios here: 


Stepping Up includes the views of
100 leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries
across Australia and Asia.

It presents a step-by-step
framework for leading culture change                                  
in the country and your organisation, 
and influencing employee value-sets too.

It explains how to use 'The Culture Circuit' to
eliminate skills shortages, increase diversity,
boost business productivity and build relations
across Asia

Chapter One is FREE To READ

Pamela Young's commitment to growth in the Asian Century

Helping people and businesses access customers globally

Our business is about overcoming the hurdles to growth by finding new markets and innovative solutions to tomorrow's business problems. We are passionate about developing leaders and helping them to grow their organisations. With 25 years global experience we are also passionate about diversity and have made a commitment to help build greater diversity in all client companies and communities in which we operate.


Pamela Young
Managing Director, growthcurv Pty Ltd and
CEO, Global Trade Innovations

Phone +64 274 500565

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