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Growth through Diversity


  • Economic development of nations and cities
  • Global competitive advantage of industries and business 
  • Investment, intellectual property and knowledge
  • People, skills and talent

Tap into the diversity of thought embedded in your multicultural communities and work forces

Diverse nations
  •  are more competitive, globally relevant, ahead of the game, innovative and productive
Diverse cities
  • thrive from having all citizens fully participating in economic development, social integration and employment
Diverse companies
  • boost productivity by enabling both genders and all ages, cultures and religions to fully contribute without barriers or limitations
Diverse communities
  • enjoy harmony and experience richer lives from having people work together to solve local problems and identify future possibilities that benefit all

Pamela Young champions cultural and gender diversity in leadership across New Zealand, Australia and Asia - Review TV and radio interviews

Benefits of cross-cultural capability - In the 21st century, people can choose to live and work anywhere on the planet, so you must embrace everyone if you want to attract talent and investment and grow sustainably. Western cities everywhere, now have large Asian populations providing opportunity to build cross-cultural capability that will help improve relations with Eastern trading partners. 

Benefits of diversity in decision-making - Everyone in your nation, city, business or community has belonged to different cultures in their lifetime – national cultures, community cultures, school cultures, sport club cultures, religious cultures and family cultures. There is value in diversity of thought; value that can lead to innovation, connections, prosperity and global recognition.

Stepping Up: lead culture change for diversity and growth in the Asian Century.

Stepping Up helps leaders of nations, cities, businesses and communities adapt cultures to achieve greatest 21st Century performance

Pamela interviewed 100 leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries about the limitations that a lack of diversity in leadership can have on the performance of nations and businesses. Their views are reported in Stepping Up along with frameworks, case studies, models, personal stories and advice about how to adapt the underlying assumptions about 'who we are' and 'how things get done'. Change requires vision, courage, adaptation and acceptance.  

Pamela is visionary, innovative and thinks global. She offers endless examples of how to move forward to be a 21st Century global thinking entity. Her ideas inspire, delight and help make possibilities become realities.

Pamela's globally experience includes New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia, UK, Europe and the USA.

'Going Global or Accessing Asia?' - A program that helps you step into the shoes of others

A program for boards and executives

Learn from people who have lived and worked in Asia. Build cross-cultural capability to know how to work more effectively with Asians in your city, workplace or community. 

Travelling to Asia on holiday does not equip you to know what people from Indian, China or Korea need from you to feel valued and accepted in your city, business of school; you can only know when you have lived in their culture. Going Global or Accessing Asia helps you to prepare to be more effective when doing business in Asia or working with Asian people in your local area.

Please call to discuss how to benefit from greater diversity of thought in your nation, city, industry, business or community - +64 274 500565

"Pamela has a clear outcome orientation, strong business skills and insights into organisations, and unfailing relationship building skills, making her a formidable and effective change agent and leader"
Penny de Valk, Managing Director UK
Ceridian Performance Partners

"I was impressed by Pamela's detailed attention to the strategic and commercial aspects of the business"
Evelyn Bourke, Group Finance Director
Nascent, UK

"Pamela's great strengths are her energy and enthusiasm. She relates well to people and has great personal charm...with an ability to succeed in any endeavour and market"
Kathryn Roberts, Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers, New Zealand


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