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Growth through Strategy

What is your Growth Strategy: Local expansion? Access Asia? Going global?

Grow business or expect slow business

Top line and bottom line growth, year-on-year, is required for sustainability. Without growth, your business viability and value could be at risk. You need to improve your position relative to competitors to survive and be adaptable, nimble, innovative and progressive. If you have 'die-hards' in your senior management ranks who are holding you back, it's time to reshuffle.

Are you expanding local or are you a new entrant planning on being 'born-global'? Whatever your ambition, your strategy needs to 'fit' your position on your growth curve - and vice versa. Whether you are planning a direct competitor frontal-attack with a technology-driven service innovation, or seek to gain share by covertly sabotaging their client-base by re-positioning your business as the near-perfect alternative provider with a massive price differential, you will need to align strategy and organisation capability. 

First let's talk strategy:

- local market expansion: through new services, product improvements and price adjustments
- accessing regional high-growth Asian markets: exploiting existing FTAs and/or opportunities created by the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)
- accessing a wider subset of global markets: exploring FDI opportunities and/or partnering strategies 

Growth curve alignment enables strategy execution

Many organisations set 'stretch' strategic goals (further along on their growth curve) and fail to evolve organisational enablers to delivery the future state (often culture, technology or processes are not aligned fast enough). If your strategy is not delivering the goods, check alignment on your growth curve. You may not necessarily have the wrong strategy, price or service range, you might just need to align some organisation elements on your growth curve to deliver the strategy. Growth interruption from failure to move all elements of the organisation along growth curve concurrently is common. Here is an client story.

A Mining Example:
Failure to align organisation and culture undermined strategy and sales

One Australian global mining manufacturing client replaced a failed 'foreign direct investment strategy with a 'partnering strategy'.When challenges in meeting sales targets in North America and China arose once again, they called growthcurv's Managing Director, Pamela Young, for assistance in identifying the problem. She discovered the problem was not the strategy, it was a mix of production and other supply chain delivery issues. The underlying causes were deeply embedded assumptions of the home-country culture that conflicted with the values of the sales and client service teams in the northern hemisphere. 

'Old habits die hard', as they say, and while the agreed 'partnering strategy' and Partnership Agreement established new service delivery promises, these were ineffectively translated into operational improvements and or new performance standards back home in its Australian production units.

Tensions, silos and other divisive behaviours are well known signals that 'growth pains' exist; operational  inefficiencies that feature regularly in management reports are also signs that things are not in line with strategic pathways and promises. Delivering your strategy relies on alignment.

Moving along your growth curve requires you to identify what is interrupting your it...

- MARKET or OFFER.............mature markets, uncompetitive products, poor quality service, low value proposition?
- TECHNOLOGY and SYSTEMS................slow, siloed, out-dated, unstable, inefficient, high down-time?
- ORGANISATION and PROCESSES...............siloed, out-dated, manual, hierarchical, controlling?
- CULTURE and BEHAVIOURS.............siloed, competitive, lethargic, rear-facing, unaligned?
- PEOPLE............homogenous, lack diversity, outdated skills, self-fulfilling, change resistent?
- LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT.............lacking vision, failing to lead, clinging to past?
- MARKETING and SALES...............out-dated, noncompetitive, need technological overhaul?

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