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Growth through Leadership

21st Century leadership looks different, requires stealth, a little humility and lots of courage


Courage: preparedness to step up (it's about you)
Follow-ship: inspiring others to walk with you (it's about others)
Insight: seeing possibilities others cannot see (it's about the future)
Commitment: ability, agility and adaptability (it's about never giving up)                     

You know you are a 21st Century leader when

  • You have global vision and ooze passion for building a better world
  • You expect to play on a world stage and look out - North, South, East and West
  • You are cross-culturally capable and embrace diversity with out-stretched arms
  • You have worked in several countries and know many cultures
  • You are a pioneer and look broadly for technological advancements 
  • You can connect with all generations to listen, learn, inspire and influence
  • You are collaborative and decisive, and move ahead for others to follow

Discovering the leader in you. Talk to us about:

  • Leadership strategy - your USP
  • Leadership development - the fuel
  • Top team transformation - the ignition
  • Leadership impact assessment - your efficiency
  • Leadership culture and aligning culture - your effectiveness
  • Identifying your 'Follow-ship' quotient - your pull power
  • Developing change leadership skills - your agility
  • Supporting individual leaders with private coaching - tune-ups for all

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"Pamela has a clear outcome orientation, strong business skills and insights into organisations, and unfailing relationship building skills, making her a formidable and effective change agent and leader"
Penny de Valk, Managing Director UK
Ceridian Performance Partners

"I was impressed by Pamela's detailed attention to the strategic and commercial aspects of the business"
Evelyn Bourke, Group Finance Director
Nascent, UK

"Pamela's great strengths are her energy and enthusiasm. She relates well to people and has great personal charm...with an ability to succeed in any endeavour and market"
Kathryn Roberts, Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers, New Zealand


Discovering the leader in you is an important first step to driving strategy or leading change.
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Organisations and people change daily, some for better, others for worse.
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