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Growth Through Change

Unique Design: Effective Implementation

We were designing and leading change programs years before the term 'change management' became fashionable


  • Our experience is global.  It spans 25 years and many industries.  It deserves a conversation.
  • We have lead all kinds of change - strategic change, organisational change, leadership change, culture change, M&A integration and more.
  • We believe each company's age, structure, issues, culture, leadership and market position are unique - so your change initiaves must be tailor-made to fit your circumstances.
  • What we design with you is for you and stays with you.
  • Your change initiative requires your sponsorship. leadership, rigour, commitment, communication, funding and measurement.
We can provide examples of the following work undertaken upon request. 

See testimonials in the blue boxes to the right of each page for client impressions of the value of our work.

  • Change program design (reinforcing desired employee culture)
  • Organisation strategy and structure (fitting company lifecycle stage)
  • Change process, systems and measurement (supporting required behaviour change)
  • Global change champion networks and project implementation (connecting subsidiaries and countries)
  • Change through client services and business development (benefiting external stakeholders)
  • M&A integration (the rigour and the soft-stuff)
  • Managers for change (building a coalition) & Employees for change (engaging participation)

Yes, I want to know how to lead change in my business

Here's an example of how you connect people around the world....4 years, five continents, one hundred musicians...all Playing For Change

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    "Their performance was exemplary, the analysis succinct and follow up advice invaluable"
    David Rishworth, Partner
    Bell Gully Buddle Weir, New Zealand

    "Pamela's involvement is one of the reasons our unit is the best in GAB from the perspective of its quality management, its relationships and stature, and the stability of its senior management and top professionals"
    Brett Fawcett, International Markets
    GAB Robins Group, Switzerland


    Discovering the leader in you is an important first step to driving strategy or leading change.
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    Organisations and people change daily, some for better, others for worse.
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