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Breakthrough your challenges at an Executive Spa

In just a couple of days you can reinvigorate and unite your top team

Breakthrough thinking comes with 'me time', then 'team time'

  • The past 2 years have been challenging for executive teams
  • Combating the effects of GFC has exhausted many
  • Executives benefit from 'me time' to reflect, think and share 
  • 'Team-time' can unleash energy, ideas and strategies

Tailor your Executive Spa to your top team

  • Bring your issues and challenges and our Spa Directors will help you unlock your future
  • Blow off the cobwebs, the stress and the blinkered thinking
  • Rediscover the creativity that gets suppressed by everyday pressures
  • Unite your team with some tough talk and courageous decision-making
  • Return with a new sense of purpose and a resolve to make a difference

Select how you spend your time

  • Team detox and rebuilding time - unite the executives around the challenge, potential and ambitions
  • Personal breakthrough time - allow time for individuals to deal with own thoughts and needs
  • Group decision-making time - analyse, debate, consider, decide and confirm commitment
  • Creative time - remember how it feels to play, to explore, to push the boundaries
  • Expert input time - selecting from a wide range of globally experienced strategists and leaders

Enquire now and design your own Spa

  • Contact us to discuss your executive teams Spa objectives.
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"They helped us to formulate and implement strategies that made a difference. Their contribution to the change and ensuing success that we enjoyed cannot be overstated"
Paul Dykzeul, Managing Director
Australian Consolidated Press, Australia

"They awakened in us an appreciation of strategic management skills that we needed for the profitable future development and coached us in many aspects of leadership"
Brett Fawcett, International Markets
GAB Robins Group

"Their broad experience was evidenced by a quick grasp of our business operations and issues. We were provided with solutions that fit our problems"
Sara Kratz, President
Katz & Associates, USA


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