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Engagement, empowerment or alignment?

For decades CEOs, business academics, and consulting gurus worldwide have been seeking new ways to engage employees.

Everyday, everywhere managers seek to influence their employees to increase productivity, to encourage product innovation, to improve service quality, to boost employee performance, to raise profit margins, and of drive changes to achieve these outcomes.

Employee engagement program design and strategies are tailored to suit clients' age, situation and change agendas.  They will depend on:

  • The level of past and present organisational agility, growth patterns and experience of change
  • Employee culture, adaptability and change readiness
  • How far the business has evolved along its company lifecycle
  • The breadth of change sought - the depth of change sought

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    "Their performance was exemplary, the analysis succinct and follow up advice invaluable"
    David Rishworth, Partner
    Bell Gully Buddle Weir, New Zealand

    "Pamela's involvement is one of the reasons our unit is the best in GAB from the perspective of its quality management, its relationships and stature, and the stability of its senior management and top professionals"
    Brett Fawcett, International Markets
    GAB Robins Group, Switzerland


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