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The e-learning alternative: practise on-line, anywhere, anytime

We have two types of e-learning programs:

Tailored in-house programs

  • uniquely designed to meet your organisations growth and change development needs
  • supporting culture change by influencing a shift in attitudes and beliefs over time
  • promoting vision and values...delivering strategic intentions and goals
  • larger numbers of people in your organisation can participate at once
  • you can have employees join in from all over the world, or locally
  • on-line chat, blogs and social networks aid peer discussion and ideas sharing
  • webinars can be used to support learning and discussion
  • they are interactive and can be moderated by your leaders...or ours

Opt-in programs for individuals

  • A series of on-line learning modules commence on a scheduled basis:
  • maximum 20 people per program
  • Six modules over 6 weeks (everyone starts together)
  • on-line chat, blogs and social networks aid peer discussion and ideas sharing
  • weekly feedback from the course moderator and a growthcurv consultant
  • interactive courses include:
  1. growth strategy
  2. leading change
  3. culture change
  4. change communications
  5. champions networks 

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"Theyy have a sustained focus on seeing a project through to its proper conclusion and providing active assistance in the design and implementation phase"
Evelyn Bourke, Group Finance Director
Nascent, UK

"Unlike 80% of acquisition exercises, this one succeeded in achieving all of its primary objectives"
Neil Cantle, Director of Corporate Development
Winterthur Life, UK

"Any organisation looking for guidance and leadership in dealing with intricacies of strategy formulation, culture change, paridigm shifts or people management could benefit"
David Arlidge, CEO APAC
Cray Communications, Singapore


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